Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I can't believe I forgot the name of the things you turn to open doors with today!

Also, I think maybe my blog is not so much boring as it is kind of sad.
But that's okay.

I told my friend I am happy 80% of the time. I think I need to keep better stats! : )

(Then how do you explain all the smiley faces? : )


ChefNick said...

I just watched the news and saw you're getting walloped by Snowmageddon. Enjoy it! Montreal is loaning it to you this year as a gesture of its Francophone "magnanimité."

Get out, throw snowballs at squirrels, make snow angels, then come in and have a Spanish coffee with lots of whipped cream! That will up your 80% rate up to at least 85!

Qaro said...

I got to SHOVEL snow, does that count as fun?

But at least now I understand why I have kind of a stiff back today...

ChefNick said...

No snow here . . . and none in the forecast! Thank god for small favours.

Sue said...

what -- the boys don't shovel snow?