Sunday, February 7, 2010


Everything is random.

Yay, my kid is happy again.

Yay, I'm taking motivation from strangers. Hey!

Yay, wouldn't it be easier to just get trashed?

I don't know where I'm really headed. I just need to go.


ChefNick said...

Get trashed! Yay! It's always my solution. Mix yourself up a batch of strawberry daiquiris, make some spicy popcorn and watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in a row. You'll thank yourself for it.

Qaro said...

I need the recipe for spicy popcorn.

Qaro said...

Wow, it is surprisingly unmotivational to get super depressed...

(PS I was not referring to you as a stranger! You are internet friends. I am talking about people on twitter I don't know at all.)

ChefNick said...


This recipe is a bit overkill but my son demands it now -- he wont eat regular popcorn.

First, have some homemade garlic butter around -- just minced garlic, chopped parsley melted into unsalted butter (I always have this around).

Get your favorite bag of Orville Redenbachers (but NOT the "extra butter" kind!) and microwave it to perfection. Then melt a small bown of garlic butter.

Put the popcorn into a large bowl with a lid (so you can shake it) and add the butter.

Then (the twist!) sprinkle maybe a tablespoon of white vinegar over the popcorn. Then add some kind of chili seasoning. I use Cajun spice or Southwestern spice but you could use a large pinch of cayenne, a large pinch of chili powder and a pinch of ground cumin.

Shake it all up and enjoy! You must try it! Like I said, my 8-year old won't eat it any other way.

Qaro said...

Thanks for the recipe!