Monday, February 1, 2010

Double Standards: Twice as Good

Feeling loopy. Who needs sleep? No sleep for the tired!

Isn't it so funny how everything is perfect until it's not? I didn't even know I was judgemental. It's so easy to be rigid when you're stuck. So stuck when you're holding on for dear life. Let go, the ground is soft.

So easy to think that people who's relationships didn't work just didn't try hard enough. People who don't have jobs don't work hard enough. People who fail aren't smart enough. Everything is wrong until I end up there, huh?

Thank God that I am finally around long enough to know that life happens. (And I don't mean sh*t happens because life is not sh*t.) I don't hardly know anyone whose problems came from not trying hard enough. Most of them tried way way too hard...

Tomorrow I have a visitor coming. All the ladies swoon for Mr.Dreamy. I thought, why do they act like this? That's conduct unbecoming of a lady. Whatever. They are doing it right. Rather than stressing, going a little gaga might be the ideal response for dealing with the presence of a cute/sexy guy. It acknowledges it, declaws it and blows off some steam. You don't have to worry. People understand they aren't getting anything but an ego boost.

Maybe the whole world is right and I'm the one who's wrong?

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