Friday, August 28, 2009

Feelin' Graphy (again)

This is a repost from 2007:

You know how on TV crime shows they run things through a "machine" and get a little graph like this and say something like "Look, it's made of lead. It must be paint." (Okay, I know it would have been better to say something really, really specific. "We ran it through our Everything in the World Database and it's exactly This."--Trade secrets aside! But I need to move along.)

In a really simplistic way, it could be applied to people. It's really easy for me to use my "spikes". And I'm blessed and it's wonderful, but I get stuck in a rut almost. And then I wonder why I can't do something else...

"How could you not do X? You're excellent at Y!"

I think I need to put down the hammer and just learn how to use the screwdriver like everybody else. Do the work and do the practice. Doing it badly is better than not at all.

Superpower of Marginal Utility: Untying knots.


Sue said...

my husband has been reminding me recently, that just because he is good at some academic areas (languages, religion, sociology) does not mean he's going to be good at others (in this specific case Anatomy and physiology). But I think some of it is just emotional blockage/fear because it seems to be that the same basic skill for learning a new language applies to learning the bones and muscles etc.

Qaro said...

Study skills are skills but interest is such a _huge_ motivator. I wonder all the time how to care about areas I don't care about and I have to really trick myself. Like I might never have a natural handle on psychology or social work or medicine, but if I look at it like law, something I can have fun researching, that helps. Some areas of knowledge are pretty fuzzy, it seems like what's out there is mostly opinion...

eda said...