Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Non-Problem

Here's another non-problem like I referred to in my comment on the last post: My community college has an Improv class coming up. It's 2 hours once a week for 6 weeks for $199. I think it sounds fun but do I need any more excuses to say stupid things? Will it help me think on my feet? Shouldn't I really get technically back to school and continue working towards being a CPA?

I feel so much guilt about the effort I put into bucket list things. (Actually no, I really loved the all-girl band thing.)


ChefNick said...

You are hereby commanded to do the all-girl band thing. Not only were you good, you were very, very good. Do as I did, buy some new instruments if you can afford them and start again.

I might not fly to Ohio to see you, but at least you can make new songs and post them.


Good idea.

I for one would be listening.

Qaro said...

You know I cried when I wouldn't send you a dollar on paypal a while ago. I wanted to, to be funny, I just couldn;t... That's when I realized I would never come to Montreal to visit you.

Anyway your wishes work. I went to karaoke last night and did so well a lady in her 40's took my number to try out for a band.

...May I send a request list?

ChefNick said...

You indeed may.

And I could have used that dollar -- there was a sale at Dollarama where there was three for one.

Because of you I missed out on getting three spice jars.