Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tape Over It

Thinking about Octomom's poor, poor kids. Didn't see the special: Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage. (Can't really find a link to the video.) But I did see a promotion for it. A few seconds showed the little boy, maybe he's 4 years old holding up his arms to be picked up, wanting to go on the trampoline. And the camera zooms in to the trampoline leg all bent and wonky and held together with a massive wad of duct tape. And her face flashes but she doesn't miss a beat and says "No honey, that's not safe." And the boy looks at her like "Oh, okay."

Superpower of Marginal Utility: Denial.

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ChefNick said...

Hey, you should feel lucky just being a Unamom.