Sunday, August 30, 2009

Star Crossed Fingers

Okay, remember last year when I was all sad about not getting anything for my birthday? Okay, well I've laid the groundwork and made sure my husband knows that I do not care at all what I get. A knick knack is cool but flowers or candy or even just a card will be great. This is not the year for me to not meet bare minimum. I've also enlisted my kids to help make this happen. Wish me luck!


ChefNick said...

How about a card that simply says on it "Shopping spree: all you can buy in an hour at the mall of your choice."

Good idea, no?

Qaro said...

My dad went to the ER and that's where I spent my night until 11:30. Low low blood pressure high high fever. He's stable now.

My friends at work got me a Barnes & Noble gift card which I am probably going to use for a new Vonnegut book and a Best Buy gift card which i am probably going to use for a Deathcab for Cutie ep and my husband got me a hairbrush which I am probably going to use to kick his ass!

Sue said...

my husband is so unreliable -- one year he'll do flowers, cards, gifts, etc. and then the next year he doesn't really remember at all. No accounting.