Sunday, June 3, 2007


Got up early thinking about what I'm going to put on my new blog. Quickly ran into meta questions: Should I include editorial comments? Yes, it's just me. Should I number my lists? No, that will be a pain. What if I stink? Who am I not to? Okay, then jump right in...

An obviosity is a thought that comes as a summary of a problem. Then comes "Well, duh." Then "But, yeah..." It's food for thought. If it's not what you need at the time, it may just stay duh. I only have a handful. But when you're looking for things they find you. (Hey, that might be one. Ouch, my meta-head.) Okay, here's the first obviosity: "You can't expect to be happy until you realize you can't expect to be happy."

Other things I can post on my blog...
Mashup ideas for mashups I am not going to make. The closest I ever came to making a mashup is a song my old band did called "Psycho Stalker Love Medley". All I have is a practice tape. Here's the first mashup idea: "The Beat Goes On" and "Misty Mountain Hop".

The funniest thing I heard today. The funniest thing I heard today was my husband snoring. In the future, I'm going to expand the meaning of the word "today" to include "whenever".

Superpowers of Marginal Utility. Ever since MicroEconomics 201, I love that phrase, marginal utility. (Our meat market has 12 people working behind the counter. Amazing.) Here's the first superpower of marginal utility: Being able to tell, through an airplane window, exactly where you are.

Stupid things to do: Convince your new teacher that your name, Wayne, is actually pronounced "Buena".

Phrases: "Material in the aggregate". Couldn't find a good link. It's an Accounting term that basically means little things that add up. "Washing this silverware sure is a pain in the neck." "Yes, son, but it's material in the aggregate." "Okay."

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