Monday, August 30, 2010

Funny You Should Say That

Had a drug interaction last Thursday that was pretty extreme. Take a common ADD medicine (according to my doctor that's why I'm special) and a really common, really "safe" decongestant and put them together and boom. Here's what happened.

Lost my favorite perfume on vacation so Tuesday I used something new and kept smelling it a lot to see if I liked it, to see if it was evolving on my skin, to see if it had persistance. By late afternoon, I had irritated sinuses. Really painful. I asked my local allergy experts what to take and they told me to ask a pharmacist. Stopped at Rite Aid on my way home to consult and told her I am sensitive to things and what is the safest thing for sinus pressure and pain. She said the safest thing is Sudafed. I said okay. And she said but the Sudafed we have back here behind the counter works way better. So of course I want "way better", never having taken anything like this, why wouldn't I want "way better", right? My sinuses are so care-free that I've gone half my life without this and yet I need the most powerful. *sigh*

Tuesday evening took it, felt *way better*, got to sleep at 12:30. Wednesday, took ADDmed in morning felt like sinus thing coming back took 1 pill in afternoon. Wednesday eve 6pm went to comic book shop. (I am so poor now my indulgence is a weekly comic book : ) Most of the income, yet all of the bills.) Walked in and couldn't see. I thought wow, it's taking my eyes a long time to adjust to the light. Waited 5 minutes standing there while people chatted. Thought wow, I don't remember staring at the sun. I must have looked at a reflection? Went and sat on a stool for a bit, everyone still chatting so I waited. I thought maybe I stood up real fast and got light headed. So it was a while. Between waiting to see and looking at things and buying a book and going home, I got home about 6:45.

Wednesday night I couldn't sleep at all. I kept getting up and going back to bed and getting up and writing things and going back to bed and staying up until Thursday, time to go...

Thursday morning went to work but couldn't get anything done. I was really talkative and really thinkative. I was trying to change something and in the afternoon screwed something up. Of the 4 things I changed I backed up 3.

Thursday night was Z's 16th birthday. Went to the Dad's who's staying at his mom's. I went too for the party. It was okay. About 8 oclock I said can you turn that light off because it's hurting my eyes? My pupils were dilated all the way, no green even visible. The black blind spot kept getting bigger. Couldn't see for 2 hours. My 16 year old drove me for the first time! : ) His dad's car to my house. His dad took me to ER where they gave me Benadryl and things slowly got better. Slept a lot this weekend.

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