Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sphere Energy

Okay, I found this astrological compatability test that's pretty cool and conveniently boils whole relationships down to a simple number.

It's kind of interesting though. I ran the numbers (Ha! Sounds official, like accounting) on my Dad and Mom, 166 pretty bad, attraction leading to doom, to paraphrase it. Then I ran it for my Dad and Stepmom 680, better, stability.

I don't know that I really believe in star power, there's no evidence like the bible ahem, but I think there is kind of an energy thing. Different things "flow" differently...

Like opposites attract. This is workable because one person has to give in. At least you can make the thing roll and get somewhere. There's a compatablity in the oppositeness, two sides of the same coin. One person gets to lead but in their leading they get happy and that makes you happy back.

Discordant vibes are tough to work with because it doesn't matter who strives and who gives in it's just incredibly difficult to ever get on the same page. One person works from left to right, the other is up/down. You're only hooked in the middle. It only works if no one changes anything, because then you'll get off the one spot where it really works. It's frustrating for both. They hold each other back.

Compatability makes it easy to go far. You take off like a rocket. You could achieve great things together. (Or mabye bad things. I wonder if Bonnie and Clyde were compatible.) Depends on your aim.

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Sue said...

neat -- I did both my first husband (almost all negative) and John (more positive than negative, and both the positives and negatives were spot on).