Friday, June 18, 2010

Keep It Simple Stupid

What do you mean by "simple"? Do you want to minimize the number of steps, the resources used, the average time to complete? Improve the ergonomic efficiency? Make it foolproof? Easy to assemble, or even all-in-one? Or is the goal "ease of use"? Have you done a user-interface study?

And what do you mean by "keep"? In order to keep it simple wouldn't it already have to be simple? Maybe this is a warning to guard against gathering complexity, bureaucratic additions acquired over time?

What is "it"?

Who you callin' "Stupid"?



Sue said...

Yeah!! Great come back. Notice that you posted it before 6 AM, which means this is probably one of those things you think of hours (or even days) after and wish you could have said at the time!

Qaro said...

Someone told me to keep it simple and I told her that would just get me started with questions. I thought it might be absurd to see how many questions I could throw at it so I wrote this in bed and typed it in the morning. : )