Thursday, July 9, 2009

Would You?

If something like say, you split your pants and you were walking around oblivious, and you had a big meeting scheduled and you were likely to walk in there anyway, unless I warned you to xyppdq even though it wasn't really my place, but hey I didn't want you to look like an asshole, would you be happy or does the world already look hunky-dory? I mean some people make decisions and just let the reasons fall where they may and sometimes that leads to even bigger and better opportunities, right??

And I always, always, have a reason.


ChefNick said...

Uhh . . . my suggestion would be to get some more sleep. Allowing dreams about being naked in public to infect real life . . . well, when *I* have dreams like that, all the girls go wild.

Sue said...

Is this subtle political commentary?

By the by, if the "split in the pants" is metaphorical (like a big gapping whole in a presentation or project) then the answer is an emphatic "NO!!!" In my experience only bad things happen to you from pointing out the inadequacies in other people's work/school performance, even if you are truly trying to be helpful. But if it's literal pants that are gapping than I'd say "sure" why not.

Qaro said...

Sue, that would be a no, then. Thanks! : )

Sorry I've gotten myself a little worked up and stressed out and so I've taken Nick's advice and gotten all the sleep I can get! Thanks!