Friday, July 10, 2009

Ooh, This I Like!

Now, this is a cool logo! I thought, "Oh, what's that? Is that Wardenclyff!?!" I love Nikola Tesla. It's amazing that there are still people who've never heard of him. And people who think Marconi invented radio. You can look him up on wikipedia or check out this new Google timeline view I just discovered (that's been around for 2 years.)

And if you're interested, this is a great book about him!


ChefNick said...

There was a pretty cool song called "Tesla Girls" by, if I'm not mistaken, Orchestral Manouevres In The Dark.

Check it out. It's the weirdest tune you've ever heard.

Sue said...

While I had indeed heard of Nikola Tesla and his accomplishments, I did not realize that was what the cool Google thingy meant!

Qaro said...

Cool song!