Thursday, July 23, 2009

Operator Error

My friend Mark was talking about his phone a few "weeks" ago. I thought it would be overkill for me... We use a pay as you go phone for emergencies (takeout orders) and 60 minutes lasts for months. In fact, I hardly ever talk on the phone at all. This point was driven home when I missed my friend Amy and called her cell. It rang a few times and I thought "Oh, I'll just call back later" and hung up. She called me back, "What's wrong?" "Nothing's wrong." "You called me. I thought something must be wrong." I was mortified and I didn't want her to get hurt talking on the phone in traffic so I let her go. Ouch.

I wonder if I am actually afraid of the phone. It's ridiculous but understandable considering everything phones have done to me. They've demanded money, broken up with me, told me "Honey, I'm sorry I can't come back home."

I found out today that I have a fear of hobos. Not homeless people, I'm not a heartless jerk, but literal hobos with hats from the '30's who will growl and throw empty bottles at you and kick you off their train.

Most of my irrational fears haven't been vetted since I was 8.



Sue said...

Ooh I'm with you on the phone thing. For a year or so we had a pay as you go type phone. All we used it for was emergencies (like me forgetting exactly what it was John wanted from the grocery), but then that company went and changed their coverage area and excluded half the places we go daily. We live in this super mountainous region right on the edge of a major border -- Most of the national cell companies cover VA mountains but not KY mountains, a few are just the reverse. Since we live and work in one state and do our shopping and recreating in the other we need coverage for both. Our only option was a locally based company that has agreements with several national networks plus their own towers in Eastern KY and has the most complete coverage of the whole region. But it requires a contract minimum minutes is 450 a month -- I usually use about 30 minutes a month!!

ChefNick said...

Try Howard Greenberg -- he's really very good, apparently.

eda said...