Saturday, July 18, 2009

SyFy Channel

Sue, here's an article about why the SciFi channel changed their name.

It's rebranding for everyone who doesn't pronounce words in their heads when they read! To get them back, let's all pronounce it "Siffy"!

(Wait, people do pronouce words in their heads don't they? As long as we're on the subject, does anyone else have an orchestra to play with in their head? Can we all dream in 3D? Is anyone else pissed off about having to have been a baby?)


Sue said...

Oh, thank you! I do understand that "scifi" is a generic term and cannot be be come a registered trade mark/brand name, so if you want to get other types of marketing you would have to do something different. But it does suggest that they do not have a commitment to their core audience that they want to get into other types of marketing.

Qaro said...

Yes! They're asking for an open marriage, aren't they?

Sue said...

he, he!! That brings back memories -- my Family Sociology teacher got us to read the O'Neil's book Open Marriage that coined that term in 1972. Course the O'Neils marriage didn't survive openness either.

ChefNick said...

I refuse to personally ever have a baby.