Friday, May 1, 2009

When Dandelions Attack

We sicced the whole family on the dandelions in the front lawn. It was really nice working together. A little friendly competition to see who could get the most and the best. It was nice to think about how frugal and organic we were being and how fortunate it is that grass doesn't scream.

A dozen more dandelions popped up last night.


ChefNick said...


Oh, but dandelions DO scream! Just, you can't hear them! I can: it's kind of a high-pitched "OOOOaaaaAHHHHARGGGHHHNOOOOOO" kind of scream.

But you should hear the grass cheer!

Qaro said...

I thought that sound was wind!

Sue said...

We just let the dandelions coexist with us.