Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Long Weekend

We had a nice holiday weekend. It lasted forever. (Yes, literally. I don't know where you think you are but we're still there.) We went to the park, to see Night at the Museum 2, played Monopoly, and generally ran around. I barbecued steaks last night but I forgot I had a yam I was supposed to slice and grill too. But we had corn on the cob. Which we cut off the cob.


ChefNick said...

You yam what you yam!

Qaro said...

With Olive Oyl!

ChefNick said...

That's exactly right!

And put your money on St. James. I think that's one of the orange squares. If you build hotels there you will CLEAN UP! Easily the best bang for your buck. Avoid the yellows and greens! Bad, bad, bad.

And the bum hotels. I think they're purple. NO MONEY THERE! Just winos.

And think about railroads as well. They'll keep on earning while you keep on ticking.

Qaro said...

I love the orange squares!