Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today's the day I finally got caught up at work. Yay!

I haven't been totally up to date in almost a year. : )

Now I'll get to do some cool projects and make some groovy reports, revamp some charts, maybe even dynamic metrics. Yippee!

I went over to see my Dad to tell him the news and he was eating a hamburger! Not the bun but some of the meat. I had a nice visit with him and my stepmom.


ChefNick said...

God, we seem to be in a parallel universe or something. I won't bother with regular dad reports, but . . .

I guess all things . . . good luck, kid, the roller coaster has reached the top and it's just a question if you can stomach the ride down.

I'm in the same carriage.

Sue said...

College teachers get to be "up-to-date" for a few minutes at the end of every semester, when the grades are turned in -- before we start to think about getting ready for the next term. Today is my moment too! The last of the grades was just submitted. Now its time for graduation.

Qaro said...

My gosh, it IS all a big parallel universe!

Qaro said...

My son said I should take this picture down because I look like a vampire. Don't worry. FWIW, I am not a vampire.