Friday, December 26, 2008

Toledo Drift

I hope you are having a lovely holiday. My kids got an XBox 360 and they're having fun now.

The weather here has been cold then warm then cold again. Everything is ice. When I took my mom home, I slid around the corner and kept going, slowly slowly sideways. I thought I was going to get a pretty blue dent from a Kia Sephia, but I stopped about 8 inches away. Whew! : )

My mom said, "Why are we stopping over here? Shouldn't you drop me off closer to the door?"


Sue said...

glad you didn't dent anything (on the car or yourself)!We're having unseasonably warm weather today and after having had unusually cold weather over the weekend.

Qaro said...

Thanks! (It's going to be 60 here today.)