Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Alive

I have been to physical therapy 3 times. It is so great to get moving in the pool. I feel much better than when I got in.

I'm sorry I haven't been on the internet at all lately. I am back to work full time and it's rough for me. The elevator broke Friday night and I took the stairs up and down yesterday. By the time I got to the bottom I couldn't make it to the car and my friend had to help me. (Thanks so much!) Today my boss walked me to the freight elevator. (No jokes, please. :)

I had to Christmas shop this weekend. I walked through a certain dyslexic toy store for an hour. Then I rode a scooter through Meijer's for an hour and a half.

The way the money fell this year, we had to buy presents on the "dreadit" card. You wouldn't believe how badly I feel about that. It's the worst trap of all, needing to use a credit card. It was tough last spring, if they charge you interest faster than you can pay it's 2 steps forward 1 step back, 3 steps back if you buy anything else. Between Christmas and the trip to Pittsburgh it's more than $700 on there. I'll just have to make it top priority and pray for stability.


Sue said...

yeah! The physical therapy pool-- really cool.

Qaro said...

Heh. It'd be nice if the pool was a little less cool! : )

ChefNick said...

Get well soon Susan, write us a nice song!