Friday, December 5, 2008

Gingerbread Ninja

Did you know there are 568 references on Google for "Gingerbread Ninja"? My son came up with it so I wrote it down. But it already exists. Maybe it's just the sound of it... Zshee... Zshaa. Now I have to go search for Zsa Zsa Ninja... Nope, Nada.

I told my son I read that Obama will be pledging $15 billion/year towards alternative energy. We talked about that and thought instead of being one of thousands of people going after a biodiesel grant it might be more fun to look into alternative-alternative energy. Like gravity power: Drop a whole bunch of rocks on a paddle wheel, scoop them up the other side and drop them again. Or maybe harness the power of the melting glaciers and use them to save themselves.

The real news: This morning I did not wake up in pain.

1 comment:

Sue said...

Now that's a real gain -- no morning pain.

Gingerbread ninja? Really? Who knew.