Saturday, September 20, 2008


I'm kind of bummed today for several reasons. One is I don't get to see my friend Amy who is in town from New York. I am more happy that she's getting to see all of her relatives. Don't I know about vacations that are too short.

I noticed today I really do have the same accent. I do say "Yah" instead of "Yeah", but only when agreeing, not when starting a sentence.

I put my earrings in a little dish when I got home from the store tonight... A few months ago I went with a friend from work to an art festival. I hate to go and not get anything, I had up to $40 to spend on art. (I'm weird. I hate spending any money unless it's on gifts/charity, food, books or art. I take care of my family, I just mean above and beyond that.)

Just that morning for breakfast I had a handful of sunflower seeds. They were rolling all over my plate. But a bowl would have been overkill; I would have taken too many. We were walking around the festival and it started to pour! It was not supposed to rain. She said is there anything you wanted to get? And there was, I had spotted a little handmade and hand painted rectangular dish that struck me as perfect for a tiny snack. On maybe it could even hold a deck of cards? It was just a few booths back. I got it and we got out of there. People were freezing on the shuttle bus until the driver turned the air off. The dye from my friend's purse ran and ruined her outfit. But other than that it was fun.

When I got home, my husband said, "Oh, you got a soap dish. It's nice."
"Oh. Duh." And now I keep my earrings in it.


Sue said...

I bet its a very lovely "soap dish." I love arts and crafts fairs, although I haven't been to one in several years. I used to go to something every year, and I bought many wedding and birthday gifts at crafts fairs. Each year I would buy one small thing for myself -- most often a single pottery mug. I photographed a group of some of them to illustrate a blog post on Blue Island Almanack the other day.

Qaro said...

Good post! Those are very nice mugs.