Sunday, September 7, 2008

No White-Wall Tires Required

My tire had a leak. Went to get it fixed at Tom's Tire on Alexis and Jackman. There is a really neat car show on Jackman Road today from Noon-4 across from the UAW Local 14. If there is anything better than going to a car show, it would have to be sitting a half mile and an hour away from one. The sheriffs even stopped traffic briefly to let a parade of cars through. Vrooom, Very cool! We saw a black truck with hydraulics and chariot style hubcaps with huge spikes. We didn't get too close to that one.

I'll have to snag my husband's car and make him take me cruising (the) Miracle Mile at 5:00! : )

UPDATE: I had to go out in the evening for gas. The cops were there to try to prevent them from drag racing...


Sue said...

And I thought that completely tying up traffice for parades was something that only happened in rural communities.

(Sorry to have been out of sight for a while -- beginning of the semester usually results in tunnel vision)

Qaro said...

It was only for a minute. I don't think anyone complained. It was really exciting!

I hope your semester is starting out well!