Tuesday, September 2, 2008


(My Z used to say 'Cause-Why as a toddler to mean both why and because. Supercute.)

Okay, so I got off my self-pitying butt yesterday and went to the store to go buy something. He's right. I am hard to buy for.

I hate junk and I hate spending money. The only bike I like costs almost $400. That's a lot for a bike just to have a bike. I'd like a new recliner but never enough to spend $700 on a La-Z-Boy.

My birthday money is $70. Maybe I should give Craigslist a try. Maybe I can use it for shipping on my 11 free cd's I've earned with music points. Or maybe I should buy some things from my Amazon shopping cart. Or a new outfit, or two. I don't want it to turn into grocery money again.

(Note to self, In mid-August next year, write your husband a note telling him that it would really mean a lot to you to get a birthday card.)

Mashup I am not going to make: "I Don't Know" and "Take the Money and Run"


Sue said...

My husband mostly forgets birthday cards, and when he gives gifts they tend to come in the wrappings in which they were purchased. He has a good heart, at is great at the day to day loving, but like lots of men, seems not to understand the card and wrapping thing.

Qaro said...

You're right! The day-to-day is the most important! I'm glad I have such little things to complain about!