Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Attack of the 40-foot Pile

Only 4 inches, really.

I tend to gather papers... But they aren't usually things I want to keep permanently. Vendors, Customers, Schedules have their own place in the file cabinets... I have oddball things: mistakes to be fixed, accounts under analysis, notes on projects in development... I've tried making file folders for them, but it doesn't really make sense. A lot of things, once I record what the problem was and what I did, I really don't need the paper, a scan, maybe.

Here's what I did last night. I have high hopes it will work...
I had an underutilized Desk File/Sorter, one of those blue books with the 31 tabs for days of the month. I took my current pile and sorted it into that, using Post-It notes written in pencil to define the categories. I had some overlap and the result was just 2 Post-It notes leading to the same tab.

When I'm done with something I can decide whether to keep the file permanently.

It isn't as bad as I thought. I'm only up to tab number 10.


Sue said...

that's a great idea. My desk at work stays pretty neat, but my desk at home is always in slight disarray. Mostly with little pieces of paper with notes to make class or check out something, things to read, etc. I'm afraid to file any of these things away for fear I'll forget to do them. But I find that leaving them on the desk top doesn't guarantee I'll do them either.

Qaro said...

When I finished a big project and was able to move the papers into a permanent file, that felt so good. The folder actually meant something.