Monday, August 25, 2008

What's New

We went to the German American Festival Saturday with my Dad and stepmom. It was fun. Last year was more fun because they had a band and dancers who were not only good, but were actually on the stage. My dad is doing really good; he can walk a lot farther than he could a few months ago.

Neither of my boys would dance with me. E said, "Buy a German record and I'll dance with you at home." But I said, "Wouldn't that be even weirder?"

The big deal is my son Jeremiah is turning 14 and starting high school tomorrow. Last year I was worried about which side of the toy store was for him. (Wow, it's cool to know what you were doing around this time last year.) Now I don't even think we're going to the toy store.

(Z, stop reading this, spoilers ahead.)

I think we're going to the shoe store.

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