Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Play it Forward

(Left my post in draft yesterday...)

So far, for 2 whole days, I've been able to carry the vacation attitude forward. It really actually helped me.

It was very helpful to learn that all very capable women are extremely busy at work. It's just the nature of the thing. It didn't need to be another week behind at work, but it turned out I did need to be another week behind at work.

Other things I learned on vacation:

1. I need to consider more factors when going out to eat at restaurants.

2. I need to consider a keyboard tray. Many days of not typing on my desktop really kept my shoulders relaxed.

3. I need to ask for towels for my birthday. My family is extremely paranoid, yet oddly generous about having our towels.


Sue said...

As Douglas Adam's hitchhiker noted, its very important to know where one's towel is at all times.

Sue said...

Keyboard trays are a Godsend.

I just happened to notice in your "" that you have a link to Smilla's Sense of Smell. You would probably like a book I recently finished reading called Origin by Diana Abu-Jaber. While different in setting and story it is very evocative of Smilla.

Qaro said...

Hi Sue! Yes, towels are incredibly useful! =D (Smiley face by E.)

I read your post about the Origin book and thought i would check out Smilla's Sense of Snow next time I go to the library. Read it first and then read Origin after and see if I thought the same thing.

Sue said...

speaking of things in -- what did you think of those timewarp wives? When I was a pre-teen I was obsessed with the colonial period and the 1870's, even tried to dress the part (except during school hours) by making dress, caps and bonnets, but ultimately I grew up.

Qaro said...

I think the time warp wives were interesting. I don't think they were normal, but that's not so bad.