Monday, August 11, 2008

New York

We had a wonderful vacation! It was great to go visit our friends in Long Island, Amy and Rob. It was so good to see my friend Amy and hang out on the patio. Rob was a great host. And he makes excellent cheeseburgers and Italian sausage!

The beach in Long Island was nice. The walk along the boardwalk over the dunes at Robert Moses park was enjoyable. Such an incredible diversity of plant life packed in growing wild beautifully! The guide at the Lighthouse power house told us all about the ocean rescue crews. My husband Jerry asked so many questions, he was fascinated. On the beach, the kids played in the waves. The Atlantic is so green and the undertow powerful. I got caught off my feet and Jerry stepped out to help me up, a little scary. My son got sucked under and Jerry reached in and grabbed him out coughing, a lot scary. We decided to walk west to the lifeguarded part of the beach, but it got interesting quickly so we decided to take the boardwalk back instead.

Driving in New York is very exciting. I didn't do any of it. If I had, my car would probably need a facelift. It was a little tense for Jerry at first, but he got the hang of it and started to enjoy it. We took the B.Q.E. for some sightseeing.

We pigged out because it's vacation. The reuben sandwich at the Lindencrest diner is so big it's scary. It arrives open-faced, trying to appear bigger to scare off predators, I guess. : ) No thousand island dressing, mustard is the New York topping. The Manhattan clam chowder was truly awesome. The salad dressing was so good.

We also went to Mulberry Street. The pizza parlor was full so we had pasta in the fancy restaurant part. It was good. And we went to Popei's for a seafood feast, well not the seafood feast, which was all you can eat crab legs. I can't believe no one got the crab legs... My family wanted lobster.

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