Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pizza and Cake, So I'm Still Awake

We had a really nice family b-day party for Z. All the local grandparents like to come over for the birthdays. We had a nice time talking about the boys' first day of school, cameras, how one of my stepmom's coworkers had her purse stolen in Michigan, other robbings over the years, the housing market. We had pizza and triple fudge cake with peanut butter chips.

Z did not get shoes. He got a decent gift card for the sporting goods store. He had asked for a weight bench but we told him we weren't sure we'd have room. But the husband will take him shopping and we will make the room. We'll have to make a rule: No laundry on the weight bench.

I'll never forget, one of my school friends told me about his Christmas one year. The other kids got toys. He got money. Christmas Day all the other kids were playing with their toys so he got out his money, flapped it a little, folded it different ways; did some origami, sorted it. Didn't make a paper airplane though, not a good idea with money...

So Z also got a little fluff. HALO figures, a Rubik's cube, a slinky, a light-up frog, a pieceless puzzle.

His gift card isn't quite enough to cover the weight bench. Whenever the kids have money they want to spend, they spend it right up to the penny and I pay the tax. I tell them "Children shouldn't have to pay taxes."


Sue said...

I misread at first -- I thought you wrote priceless puzzle. Ha, ha. Now I'm utterly fascinated. Growing up we were always doing puzzles. Even as adults my mother would always start a puzzle during the holidays and people would work on it bit by bit. But John and I have never had puzzles what with all those cats! Now we can try one out!

Qaro said...

The cats would absolutely LOVE this!