Saturday, April 10, 2010


Ugh. Couldn't sleep, couldn't get out of bed. Everyone's gone so I could just sleep all day if I wanted. Finally decided to get up and see what's on the internet.

Been down for a few days. I know I'm supposed to change, I just have no clue to what. What am I supposed to be being? Just whatever.

Went walking at work outside yesterday but it was way too cold. The wind was whipping. The ground was a minefield of frigid poo. The lawn is practically an unkempt dog park.

So I came in and I didn't want to bother the guys out working on a machine, so I went up and down the front stairs. At the top was a scary stair-ladder. But I knew I could do it because it was exactly like the stair-ladder to get to the roof of the Museum. I went up and peeked around. It was the room for the elevator motor. Very cool. Ancient machines to look at. I felt a thousand times better.

I don't just need to "stay busy". I need to do things that are fun and exciting. What the heck can I do to make this day worth getting out of bed for? It looks sunny outside...

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