Thursday, April 1, 2010

Painted Love

Yesterday, my stepmom called me mid-morning to tell me they were taking my Dad over to the hospital. I knew it'd take a while for him to get over and situated. I planned on finishing up something at work that was overdue and heading over at lunchtime to take either a long lunch or (probably) the afternoon off. So I was waiting on a salesperson and he finally came through and I did my part and was ready to go... I got the call at 12:45, he's going to dialysis and you won't be able to see him. They are going to send him home afterwards so come over at 7.

So I go to lunch but I can't even eat so I do my walking, even though my foot is hurt and I'm super slow. Tears are streaming down my face so I stop in the bathroom out there to assess the damage, because I am super ugly when I cry. It's like, ugh, stop please before we have to kill you or put a bag over your head. Not at all like Liv Tyler who just gets sparkly eyes and prettier. Lately, I look like a stoner all the time.

But then I spotted this little guy, who cheered me up so much... I thanked my lucky stars for being easily amused and anthropomorphically talented! I walked 2 more laps and felt much better. : )

Hope he makes you smile too!

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