Saturday, December 19, 2009


I don't know what to do with the fact that so many of the things I do and think are pointless.


ChefNick said...

I watched the simulated scene of a tiny boy being beaten to death by the Nazis and it somehow can't leave my mind. (The Piano.)

I mean, Christ, it happened way before I was born.

But there is, should, always should be some further thing to exist for, some other reason to keep ticking.

I think.

A bug, don't matter what name or designation, doesn't have, ever, a chance to think about being in a hotel or using a bug credit card. There are no bug credit cards.

But then again, I never knew a bug that could write.

Qaro said...

We are not bugs, are we? : )

I think all the bugs used Diner's Club.

Sue said...

I don't think anything we do can be completely pointless, although some things we do and think add more to the universe than others.

ChefNick said...

Well, I hate to add to the depressing scenario -- any depressing scenario -- but the reassuring aspect is that every atom you possess will ultimately be possessed by someone (or something) else, and further, quantum physics has now proven that every -- and I mean every -- single thing any of your atoms do resonate with every single other particle of the universe.

On this subject I do not joke.

Qaro said...

I think that _is_ reassuring.