Sunday, December 20, 2009

Scarecrow Zombie Song

Okay, I just made this up for my kids. It's kind of gross and it works best with some tickling! (I think my kids will be well-adjusted either because of, or in spite of me. Whatever! : )

If I Only Had Your Brain

I could while away the minutes,
chewing on your digits,
and cause you massive pain,
But it's unsatisfyin',
'cuz I'd much rather be fryin',
up your luscious juicy brain.

I could fire up the griddle,
and grill your chunky middle,
but it wouldn't be the same,
with the bones I'll be rippin',
I'll be using them for dippin',
in your yummy gooey brain.

I shuffle and I toddle,
but I'm thin as a model,
and not necessarily sane,
But I would not be just a zombie,
who works at Abercrombie,
if I could only eat your brain.

1 comment:

Sue said...

That's amazing! Love it. Great sense of fun.