Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ups and Downs

Here I am in Pittsburgh with my kids having come to see my Dad. I can't sleep. I was dreaming about traffic, feeling like I'm flying, going up and down hills. And I'm too sad and don't want to be alone. We watched New Year's Eve on ABC Family or Disney mostly America's Funniest Home Videos. My kids thought it was a travesty how the winner didn't have any kids to bring on the prize: visits to all the Disney parks around the world. We switched over to Fox to watch the ball drop. But we swear we didn't actually see it drop, we think somebody dropped the ball. We don't know. Everybody kissed. I called my husband but he must have been asleep.

We got to see my Dad and we got to see Ruthann and we got to talk to the doctor, one of them, not the main doctor but the staff in charge I guess.

He didn't look horrible but it wasn't great. He had circles around his eyes, brown eyelids. He wasn't conscious but he did move his head around when we came in and when we left. I couldn't think of what to say, except like Dad I'm here and about the weather on the road. Eric was something: we're glad you're not dead, we're mad at them for getting you sick.

What happened was my dad got released on Christmas Eve but he needed arrangements to come to a care facility here and also transport home. So I was going to come out Christmas weekend but since he was supposed to be home Monday or Tuesday, I cancelled that. But the insurance company was closed for Christmas and they didn't make the arrangements to get him out of here. And then over the weekend he got pneumonia and he's been worse every day since.

This doctor we spoke to was pretty grim, but Ruthann assures me that he's always like that and the one in the morning is much more positive.


ChefNick said...

God, this Christmas has been just a pile of Hell, but nothing compared to yours . . . my girlfriend had a huge problem with her wisdom tooth . . . I hate seeing an adult cry and moan like a whipped dog but that was what it was like. So they pulled it but just arranging THAT was like pulling teeth.
But my heart goes out to you, Susan . . . there are some things we must be thankful for, never lose sight of, never take for granted . . .

May the gods smile upon you in 2009.

Sue said...

I am so sorry to hear about your dad. It's a crime that insurance issues can and do get in the way of the proper treatment of people. It happened with my husband's mom, and probably hastened her death by a few months; it happened with my aunt when she was 90 (although she did recover and lived 3 more years). Here's to better things this year.

Qaro said...

Nick, I'm sorry about your girlfriend's pain. Sounds like NO fun at all. I hope she is okay now.

Sue, you're right about the insurance. Insurance and Holidays. Everybody's a replacement.