Monday, January 19, 2009

Eight out of Ten

My body conspired to help me keep my number theme. I was going to drop the "Six, Seven..." theme from the post titles because what's the point if it's not accidental?

Eight is the answer to the question "On a scale of one to ten, how much does your ear hurt?" Friday night I started getting chills and by Saturday morning it killed me to swallow, my ear hurt so bad. So the doctor at the urgent care center told me I had a bad inner ear infection. It kept me in bed all weekend.

No more news about my Dad yet.

Note to self: Make a list for your peeps of all the urgent care centers that accept our insurance.

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Sue said...

Good idea. Wish that we HAD an urgent care center out here in the boonies. The one clinic that had Saturday hours cut back about a year and a half ago -- there is still a sign saying that it is "temporarily" closed on Saturdays. Only option out here -- the emergency room.