Monday, January 5, 2009


We are back home, back to work, back to school. I am so glad we went to see my dad. I hope they can get rid of his pneumonia and wean him off his machines. He knew we were there. He wanted to hear CNN on the TV and he wanted me to read his book. I got him, "The Audacity of Hope". I thought he'd get a kick out that. I thought things would be different than they are now.

Yesterday I heard the Nat King/Natalie Cole version of "Unforgettable" on the radio. I'm glad I wasn't driving. Back when I got married this was a (relatively) new song. It was in the DJ song book but not in the list of Father/Bride dance songs so I had to write it in. I guess we have a song you'll actually hear sometimes. Aw geez, this reminds me, the stupid DJ played "Could I Have This Dance For the Rest of My Life" for the Groom/Maid of Honor dance. Stupid DJ, not paying attention, man was I mad at him. I'm sure he's better now, or hopefully, not DJ'ing.


Sue said...

glad to know you are safe at home.

How nice to have wedding memories like that (even if they aren't perfect). When John and I married I was in the middle an acrimonious battle over tenure. There did not seem to be any way to invite just some of the people I worked with and not others, but I didn't want people who were trying to fire me at my wedding. So instead we just asked seven people, two sets of parents, one friend each to stand up for us, and one friend who was a minister to do the ceremony, and did it on the front porch of my matron of honor. No music, few flowers, a lopsided home made-cake and some lasagna. It wasn't the wedding I wanted, but it was the marriage I wanted.

Qaro said...

Sue, I am sorry to hear about those circumstances. But you didn't let it stop you comepletely! Sounds like you came up with a solution. But you've got tenure and got to keep the husband! : )