Saturday, March 29, 2008

Everything Bad is Good Again 2

46 words

I took this typing test last week via Sunflower Roots.

I wasn't too proud of it last week. All my efforts with report design, mail merges, MS Query, etc. have paid off and ruined my typing skills. I'm fast enough to impress my kids but they like all my stupid mom tricks like writing antidisestablishmentarianism in backwards cursive. Or reeling off the alphabet backwards. Yes, backwards is super impressive!

But actually, this revelation about my typing speed has helped me. Every time I've been tempted to "just enter this real quick", I've remembered "You're not that quick, give it to someone else." Awesome. Work for others, more time for my own job.

Just don't test me on ten-key. Please.

Superpower of Marginal Utility: Speeding up time.

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