Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Posture Chamber

Last night I saw Penn Jillette (the big, talking, pony-tailed one from Penn & Teller) on Dancing With the Stars. During his practice they made him wear this yoke called a posture bar around his shoulders so he would stand up straight and hold his shoulders back. It was pretty small and he was clearly very uncomfortable. In a funny moment in rehearsal, he leaned up against the dance barre and tore it right off the wall. Then he put it over his shoulders and said something like "Now here's a posture bar that's big enough for me!"

When they did the performance, his shoulders were back but he looked really stiff. The judges said he really needed to work on his footwork. I told my husband, "They spent all that time trying to straighten out his shoulders and they finally got them straight but what did it help?"

At a certain point you have to say, "You know, I don't think the straight shoulder thing is going to work with you. We gave it a shot but... What could we do with you instead? Could we use your wacky charisma and have you do jitterbug jazz-hands all the way through?"

People can end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, but there they are. They don't have "this" but they have "that". And that can get the job done anyway.

If it must be done, turn the screwdriver over and pound.

Mashup I am not going to make: "Believe It Or Not" and "You're Gonna Love Me"

P.S. One of my kids' favorite movies, Blast From the Past, has a really awesome dance scene.


Sue said...

Yeah -- everyone has different skills, different talents; like the analogy with using the handle of the screw driver as a hammer!

Qaro said...

Yes, that's what MacGuyver would do. : )

proud theatre mom said...

Nice blog right back at cha! Thanks for coming and reading my blog. Come back please!!!!
BTW Penn had clown feet! He really isnt a dancer. IT was funny just watching him and thank God Monica's gone watching her was just painful.

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Anonymous said...

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