Friday, October 12, 2007

Fillet of Sole

Last night we saw the Head and Shoulders commercial where they give everyone the same shampoo and then one lady said all she wanted was cat food. My son said "Ew, they're trying to say that lady eats cat food!" My husband said that's probably an urban myth and we all talked for a while about things you can eat to get by. Once my husband and his friend went a few days on just a bag of carrots. I said "One time... Oh, no!"

Things I believed when I was six: We were sitting around the dinner table, chewing and my dad said "Oh, we're having shoe leather for dinner." I asked my mom "Is this really shoe leather?" She good naturedly said "Yes, honey." I said "Where'd we get it?" My dad said "I had an old pair." I said "I hope you washed it." No wonder they were giggling. I chewed and chewed. Because that's how it goes when you're eating shoe leather.

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