Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Everything Bad is Good Again

I heard the Annie Lennox/Aretha Franklin duet on the radio and remembered an interview with Annie about how she had to practice so much to get there but Aretha made it look so easy.

I was just wondering how some people are so easy-breezy and others try so hard it hurts. I like to think I'm a mix, because that's what I like to think.

I made a big faux paux, stuck my foot in it, on the order of Hyacinth "bouquet" Bucket. BYOE (Bring Your Own Example). But it's been insightful to ask "Why did I do that?"

I think bad things really get to the depths like good things can't. Like when kids are sleeping it's so easy to see how beautiful they are and feel sweet love. But when things go rough, and you have to ask "Why do I put up with this?" That's when the answer hits even deeper and gives you strength.

I had a nice time last night at the workout at Church. Exercise mats fear me everywhere! (Doesn't work, does it?)

I was also thinking about my growth as a Christian and I realized I'm doing more reading about it than the actual Bible and I need to get on track. Oops.

Mashup I am not going to make: "Hot Stuff" and "Music Box Dancer"

(New Category!) Bad Advertising: "We'd better eat that today or it's going to go bad!"

Superpower of Marginal Utility: Reading backwards

Most optimistic thing I heard today: I was talking to my friend about 401(k)'s and he told me his has been up and down. He said when it's up that's great because it's worth more. When it's down that's okay too because his money buys more shares. : )

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