Friday, July 27, 2007

Splendored Thing

I was just thinking about an old acquaintance. Her favorite topic was marriage. Every time we'd eat together she'd have books and magazine articles about making romance work. I said, "Romance isn't work." She said, "Yes, it is. If both people don't work hard enough it can't last." I picked up the implication, intended or assumed, that if I didn't do the same, my own marriage was doomed. (Hey, is this a poem? No? Okay.)

She made appointments to talk with her husband about their relationship. Sometimes I wondered how he felt about being treated as such a project. I'm glad I was already married, because that may have made me think... Love looked so difficult. But it's been ten years since I've spoken to her so as far as I know, they're fine. (And I truly hope they are.)

Maybe I'm naive in thinking if you give your heart, it's gave. It's not yours alone any more. Love won't lead you wrong.

Also, I highly recommend having a bad year. Have one. Then you'll know you can get though a bad year.

But I'll try not to let the striving become strife. Because if you have faith, you're 90% there. The flowers and cakes are just gravy.
(Mmm, gravy cakes...)

We chose each other and as it turns out, we were both right. Even if he hates karaoke and my eyes glaze over when he talks about R/C servos, it's all good.

Obviosity: If your eyes glaze over... Wait a minute, give it another shot because technology is cool!

(Okay, I guess that obviosity isn't universal : )

Mashup I am not going to make: "Love and Happiness" and "Try a Little Tenderness"


Chris Chowdhury said...

"I highly recommend having a bad year. Have one. Then you'll know you can get though a bad year."


Tink said...

The part about faith is good too! Your perspective is wonderful and refreshing.

Qaro said...

Thank you so much!