Monday, July 2, 2007

Against the Wind

In my last post I really gushed about Paul Simon. But what about Paul? What about Simon? Am I giving myself a clue? Am I living my life at cross-purposes? ...Or not.

Could I hold a candle in a debate?

Scientists are making flourescent green mice:
And I wonder, why isn't this on the news? (Is milk the catalyst?)

The problem is man is so good. We can imagine everything imaginable. We can make stories and make movies and make music and make buildings and make art. People's lives are saved at the hospital every day. There are sci fi stories about the robots battling their creators, Turing machines that don't believe in us. Are we giving ourselves a clue?

And of course we're wonderful now, with all the iPhones and the hive mind. But look back through time at how special we've always been. Especially bad sometimes, but still. Capable of everything imaginable. Is this a clue?

I think the candle holds me.

Mashup I am not going to make (that would be a lovely bombastic montrosity): "On the Turning Away" and "Amazing Grace" (Scottish bagpipes)

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