Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not So Jung Again

This was supposed to be Not So Jung Part 2, the conclusion of Qaro's quest to wrest control from her emotions.

So the question was how to get the attention of the part of the brain that only speaks emotions not logic. And the clever answer was, toy with my emotions. I hadn't been having any luck changing my wishes from feeling safe and happy to not. I couldn't figure out how to want to go the way I am supposed to go instead of any other way. Amazingly, I stumbled upon a way to make hiding out on the internet feel scary and weird, yet plausible. I pushed on that a little so I could feel stupid and in danger and feel the "whoa" and gain control. Didn't help at all. Got slammed even harder. You can't f'with Mother Nature.

Anyway, the moral of the story is: Stay away from amateur psychologists! : )

I'm just sitting back, taking a breather. Praying, regrouping and trying to be a responsible adult.

This is the kind of strategy that made sense last week. I'm just happy to be able to think straight. When you're under extreme stress certain things make sense in that situation that don't make sense out of that situation. It just feels like survival skills.

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