Saturday, September 29, 2007

>>>The Journey: True Magic

Here is a really beautiful post by Tink on her blog, The Journey:

"True Magic

I watch the black belts practice judo throws and see the strength and power that comes from technique rather than tremendous strength.

I watch Gyps with a horse and see her listen and understand as it speaks to her.

I watch my children grow, I see them becoming more unique and independent and I long for the magic, the technique, the whisper that will allow me understand them. To hear their thoughts by looking into their eyes, to feel their pain and joy with a simple touch.

A soft voice speaks to me, it says if you want to hear, take the time to really listen, if you want to feel, take the time to hug, to hold and to just be with them.

A deep sigh is followed by a prayer of thanks."

That is so beautiful and meaningful.
Tink is an amazing and talented person and her blog is a treasure.


Tink said...

Your blog is great and it’s an honor to be listed and quoted here. Again, thank you

Qaro said...