Friday, August 3, 2007

Stuffy in Here

I've been thinking about the topic of decluttering. I must have at least 5 different books on the subject. I read them but I don't follow their rules about what to throw away. Like the six month rule. Yeah, right. Heard of seasons?

Since I haven't been able to ever completely do it I think I must finally come to the conclusion that I don't agree.

I tried to look on the web for pro-clutter resources and there are like, none. (If Google leads you here someday, Hi! : ) Our Pastor even did a sermon about decluttering last month. If he reads this he'll know I'm thinking about it. Working it out.

If I don't jell on it, why not? It's not that I'm an extreme case that has relationship with stuff. I'll let you throw away my favorite gum wrapper.

Possessions are expressions of our intentions. Equipment for our possibilities. And if I purge that thing I've lost that potential. If I get rid of those jeans, will I really lose 10lbs? If I sell my suede pants, will I ever rock again? Sure, I've read those books but won't my kids need to read them? Sure, I have 3 bottles of mildew remover, because I forget I have it and I really, really don't want to get mildew. We've got four bibles now...

I'm still working it out but here's one thing: Treasure your treasure and trash your trash!

Funniest thing I saw "today": A car had a temporary tag taped up in the back window. Next to it, they had taped up a paper plate.


Anonymous said...

Good job! Embrace your "ethos." You're not crazy. I believe you.

Qaro said...

I should clarify. The sermon wasn't _about_ decluttering but used decluttering as a metaphor for clearing out your past, your old ideas to make room for your new spiritual growth...