Saturday, August 4, 2007


Note: Here's how to spell the word you want: enthusiastic

Today I painted the trim on my pool-shed. (I don't have a pool, but a metal shed that used to accompany a pool decades ago.) When I came in my little one said, "Mom, you'd better look in the mirror." I did and saw that I had spackled my face (and hair). I had also given myself a reverse French manicure. The guy at Home Depot this morning...

You know the Home Depot commercials where it looks like they'll give you a full lesson on your DIY project? I really wasn't expecting that. Normally they treat people with respect as if they aren't imbeciles. But if you ask enough stupid questions and make it clear that you really, really don't know what you're doing, they will go ahead and give you the full treatment. Thanks, Home Depot! : )

Anyway, the guy at Home Depot said that the only thing that would get out this oil-based paint was paint thinner and he brought me some mineral spirits. I took a second to think well, we'll be really careful and not spill any... right!

So when I came in and saw myself, I washed my hands and arms with the mineral spirits. But I did not want to wash my hair with mineral spirits. So here's the good news for you. Noting the oily texture of the mineral spirits I figured I'd experiment and wash my hair with NEW! Caress Exotic Oil Infusions cream oil bodywash. (Mine's "Japanese" scent and it smells like Shalimar or Emeraude.) I washed my hair and face with it and they are paint-free! So since new products come and go, I'd recommend picking some up and keeping it on hand for a better smelling personal paint thinner.

Mashup I am not going to make: "Brady Bunch" and "Chicken Dance"

Touche Cliche: Eggs come first because nobody eats chicken for breakfast.

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