Sunday, November 2, 2008

Roll and Roll All Nite

Hi! I'm alive! I am living the truly cosmopolitan lifestyle: Up half the night and asleep half the day!

Fun facts: I woke up from anesthesia 15 minutes after I got into the recovery room. I started yelling "Put ice on it! Put ice on it! Put ice on it!" All the nurses ran over, "Already? That was really fast!" Then I yelled for bandaids. Then I yelled for Neosporin. But all they would give me was morphine.

Little things mean so much, like will someone sit next to you? I would like a cat so much today! : )

I watched my son play toys for an hour, both of us engrossed in the Epic Battle. Finally I asked, "Why are they fighting?"

I enjoyed watching "Misery" on TV last night, completely without irony.

The most interesting TV shows come on at 3 am. I saw an expose on the Iraq war and then a documentary on Valery Gergiev, this awesome Russian who travels the world teaching orchestras to play the "Rite of Spring", and more... Also, there's going to be a special edition of "Frontline" Tuesday at 9pm and again on Wednesday at 3am to help us decide who to vote for. ;)


Sue said...

Well, I can see the experience has done nothing to dampen your wit! ;) It's nice to have some one to report on what's happening at 3:00 AM on TV, since I'm lucky if I can stay awake till 11:00! Take care.

Qaro said...

Thanks! You are so lucky to stay awake till 11:00! : )

My problem is I still can only be in the same position for 2 or 3 hours. So I have to lie down, sit up, walk around, lah-di-dah!

ChefNick said...

Ouf. I just had a long conversation with my girlfriend the other day on a somewhat favorite topic. I said, "How often have you woken up and said, 'Today, nothing hurts! I'm not sick. I didn't cut myself yesterday. I feel okay. Maybe not 100%, but I can go to the store, no problem. Nothing is particularly bothering me today.'"

Does anyone ever do that except me? I don't know if it's a form of thanking the gods or what, but I do it regularly. It balances off the times when I HAVE cut my finger and it hurts and I can't play guitar, or I stub my toe and getting to the store is agony, or I'm miserable with a cold that keeps me up all night.

Doesn't compare with hospitals and surgery, but that's a whole 'nother story.

Today's weather report: not an ache or impediment anywhere, but with slight cough and stuffy nose on the downturn; cold winds westerly at 5 knots and diminishing.

Bon courage, Qaro!

Qaro said...

Thanks, Nick, I am looking forward to doing that soon. Hope the stuffy nose is gone!