Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stand Up and Fall Down

At the lunch table, my friend mentioned she watched the premiere of "Last Comic Standing". She said, rhetorically, "Did you ever want to do stand up comedy?"

I said, "Sure, that's my next project." : )

And no one laughed.

That's a really bad sign.
Or maybe it's a really good sign!


ChefNick said...

Aahh . . . what can I say? I just discovered the coolest blogger yet. Awards be beckoning, Sue


Qaro said...


ChefNick said...


The thanks is all here. Cool is cool is cool. And you are very cool.

Sue said...

I think being a stand up comedian is one of the scarest occupations in the world -- takes far more courage than just about anything else I can think of.

ChefNick said...

Yeah . . . it's probably pretty close to having to give a speech to 500 people.

Or standing up with your guitar and a microphone . . . I've done it a million times but it never gets any easier. And you NEVER want anyone to be laughing . . .