Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Found this card last night with jokes Z wrote for the talent show and got his permission to post them here:

"I wish Isaac Newton hadn't discovered gravity... Wouldn't it be more fun to just float around in space?

Actually Isaac Newton didn't discover gravity. The first one that discovered it was... A ROCK! 'Help! I'm falling! I'm falling!'

I don't understand how there can be gravity on other planets... They don't have apples."


Amy said...

That kid's going places. I laughed out loud!

Qaro said...

Thanks, Amy! --Z

Qaro said...

And I am going places. Like other planets. And I'm bringing apples. --Z

Sue said...

Z's got a future in stand-up! This is way funnier than stuff I see on Comedy Central.

Z -- I can't wait until you learn about Heisenberg and develop some good one's for his discoveries!


Qaro said...

Hi Sue, Thanks! We'll look into it!