Friday, January 4, 2008

Customer Lip Service

The other day we saw the Burger King commercial where they pretend they don't have whoppers anymore. Gotta wonder if once a restaurant starts playing practical jokes on its customers, they haven't gotten a little too big for their giant plastic head. Actually thinking back over their ad campaigns the last few years, they've been scattered and frankly, pretty creepy. (I did enjoy the "I am Man" commercial.)

Meanwhile, McDonald's is consistently working to make their image hipper, cheaper and healthier. Good clean college food. Eh.

We like Wendy's. Not for the food or anything. My kids are hilarious there. I bring the notebook. (My little one's got to write a new routine for the talent show in Feb. I don't know if we should or shouldn't include the best jokes they did as a team last year. I'm thinking maybe: kids like repetition, people like greatest hits. But he's got to express his own personality. No, I'm not a stage mom, really, I'd much rather they be rock stars. Just kidding... Astronaut-Doctors!)

When I saw this Burger King fake out commercial I thought, well that's it, then. They've finally jumped the shark. I didn't even know a restaurant could jump the shark. Here is the website that explains jumping the shark.

Touche Cliche: The bark has nothing on the bite.


CresceNet said...

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Amy said...

I agree. What the heck?

And maybe E should only include like one or two jokes from last year in this year's routine.

And I miss you. Hopefully I'll be out there again sometime soon.

Qaro said...

Hi Amy! Maybe the one about the laundry on the desk and "This Song is Stupid". Thanks! Miss you too, going to email...